Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing

Our agency has more than a decade of experience in designing and implementing effective marketing operations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

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Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing is tightly controlled in Finland and advertising agency also has to take this into account when designing marketing materials. We work closely with our clients in a long-term manner, keeping the launch schedules, designing visuality, marketing materials and websites – while also taking into account all the marketing regulations. When needed, we also assist with the medical copywriting.

Exact communication

Consumers and patients are increasingly taking responsibility for their own health, treatment options and the medication prescribed to them. The patient has also the right to receive exact, research-based information from the healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is particularly important for companies operating in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector to supply up-to-date information to doctors, nurses and the pharmaceutical staff through various marketing and communication campaigns. The companies can also inform consumers about various illnesses and guide them to find additional information on the treatment of the disease.

Pharmaceutical marketing

In Finland, the marketing of prescription-only medicines can only be targeted at professionals who are entitled to prescribe or dispense medicines and need pharmaceutical information in their work. The commercial nature of pharmaceutical marketing must be clearly recognisable as marketing: the appropriate pharmaceutical marketing comprehensively should present the different effects of use of the medicines and guides correct and safe use. It is good to note the consumer marketing of prescription-only medicines is strictly prohibited. Only self-care medicines available without prescription, CE marked products and medical devices and applications may be marketed to consumers here in Finland.

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Heta has over 15 years of experience in marketing and business. She is highly skilled in developing marketing strategies for new products, reviewing and analyzing marketing campaigns and leading team of Marketing Associates. Heta has excellent knowledge of marketing-related business practices, such as advertising, market research and budgeting. Previously Heta has been working for over decade with Healthcare and Pharmaceutical marketing. Over the years she has received several awards for the implementation of successful product launches as well as for increasing sales.

Heta Koivula

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